Wau Tiffin

Artist: Isabel Low Ka-Min
Year: 2022
Prize Category: 3rd Prize
artwork category


Artwork Description

What exactly are we looking at here? What form of “heritage” is being represented?

Isabel tells us it is a deliberate mix and match of associations:
“This is a silkscreen work showing Nyonya tiffin carriers that have been manipulated to look like a Malaysian Wau. The colours used are trying to represent the colourful culture of the Nyonyas. As a child I used to go to parks with my family to play with kites and that was my own personal cultural experience that I wanted to incorporate with Nyonya culture, which also has one of the tastiest cuisines in Malaysia.”
Chief Judge Juhari enjoyed the way the work triggers the visual imagination, and in the process viewers can also let their minds wander into ideas of how different forms of heritage might meet and interplay.

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